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Preservation Of Old Buildings
THE TWENTIETH CENTURY SOCIETY (April 2016) To safeguard the heritage of architecture and design in Britain from 1914 onwards. To conserve and protect buildings and design that characterise the 20th century in Britain. To extend knowledge and appreciation of these buildings through education.
NEWTOWN TEXTILE MUSEUM UNDER THE AUSPICES OF THE MRCA (November 2016) To preserve the historic building. To refresh and represent the content in a more interesting way and to welcome as many visitors as possible.
GWRYCH CASTLE PRESERVATION TRUST (November 2016) The restoration of Gwrych Castle, North Wales, particularly its garden and historic buildings.
LOVE MY WALES (March 2016) To benefit communities throughout Wales who have buildings at risk in their midst.
MARCHWIEL VILLAGE HALL NEAR WREXHAM (February 2016) For the Hall’s restoration fund. The Bodfach Trust donation was match funded 100% by the Cazenove Charitable Trust.
SAVE BRITAIN’S HERITAGE (December 2016) SAVE is a strong, independent voice in conservation that has been fighting for threatened historic buildings and sustainable reuses since 1975. The Bodfach Trust supported SAVE’s appeal to rescue Castle House in Bridgwater, Somerset.
Helping Young People
CHILDREN WITH CYSTIC FIBROSIS DREAM HOLIDAYS (November 2016) To arrange much needed respite breaks for families who have a child with the life threatening illness Cystic Fibrosis.
Care for the Elderly
ALZHEIMERS RESEARCH UK To support Insight 46 which is a major study of 500 volunteers entering their 70s the aim of which is to identify the risk factors leading some people to develop Alzheimer’s and other causes of dementia and some who do not.
BETHSHAN SHELTERED HOUSING ASSOCIATION LTD (April 2016) Towards funding a support group for of next of kin who have dementia and are still living in their own homes.
Green Spaces And Public Parks
PROFESSIONAL GARDENERS’ TRUST (November 2016) To fund training and study for working gardeners which provide them with the opportunity to aquire skills and gain qualifications through part-time courses and work placements.
ST JOHN COUNCIL OF WALES (May 2016) For the ongoing work of St John Ambulance and first aid in Mid-Wales.For the ongoing work of St John Ambulance and first aid in Mid-Wales.

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