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Preservation Of Old Buildings
LLANFYLLIN DOLYDD PRESERVATION TRUST (October 2015) Preservation for the benefit of local people and of the nation of the historic Workhouse at Llanfyllin to use the building for cultural, leisure and community activities and making people aware of its significance.
FRIENDS OF LLANSILIN CHURCH (October 2015) To maintain fabric of church building and church yard.
Helping Young People
POWYS CARERS SERVICE (October 2015) Providing respite activities and clubs for Young Carers (under 18) and Young Adult Carers (18-25) and offering support and advice.
PLAY RADNOR (October 2015) Development of play and alternative education opportunities across the Radnorshire area, aiming to ensure that all children and young people have the chance to engage in recreational, play and leisure activities. Focused on emotional and physical well-being, enabling children and young people to have the freedom to experiment and develop future life skills whilst having fun.
MONTGOMERYSHIRE FAMILY CRISIS CENTRE (October 2015) Supporting victims of domestic abuse across Montgomeryshire. Two safe houses one for women and children and one for men and children. Community service, 24 hour helpline and a programme for children.
Green Spaces And Public Parks
FIELDS IN TRUST (October 2015) To protect sites and assist communities when their green spaces are threatened. To promote outdoor healthy activity that is local and free.
WELSH HISTORIC GARDENS TRUST (March 2015) To champion the saving of historic gardens and parks from neglect, indifference and insensitive planting.
PROFESSIONAL GARDENERS’ TRUST (January 2015) To provide working gardeners with the opportunity to acquire skills and gain qualifications through part-time courses and work placements.
CENTRE FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE (April 2015) An independent Think Tank established to put social justice at the heart of British politics.
ROYAL WELCH FUSILIERS MUSEUM (October 2015) To educate all in the history and accomplishments of the Royal Welch Fusiliers over a period of 300 years as Wales’ oldest infantry regiment, in peacetime and in war, all around the world.

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