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Preservation Of Old Buildings
THE FURNITURE STATION (November 2012) For the provision of new cots and beds for those in need.
THE INDIGO FOUNDATION (November 2012) Financial support towards Helpline which provides information, advice and guidance on dyslexia.
CENTRE FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE (November 2012) Financial help towards delivering a seminal piece of policy work, "Breakthrough Britain II".
Helping Young People
FORDEN, LEIGHTON AND TRELYSTAN ALLOTMENTS SOCIETY (November 2012) For the provision of picnic tables for the local school and Cubs who have plots available to them.
TIME4ME YOUNG CARERS PROJECT – YMCA (November 2012) To offer respite which is chosen by young carers via consultation.
THE MONTGOMERYSHIRE SOCIETY CHARITABLE TRUSTS (November 2012) To provide prize money for the Montgomeryshire Society’s awards to schoolchildren and students for Welsh/English essays, Art, Technology and Music.
CHILDREN WITH CYSTIC FIBROSIS DREAM HOLIDAYS (November 2012) Respite for a family whose child has cystic fibrosis.
Care For The Elderly
CLONTER FARM MUSIC TRUST (November 2012) To assist with the provision of a musical tea party for the elderly.
Green Spaces And Public Parks
FIELDS IN TRUST (November 2012)

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