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Preservation Of Old Buildings
ST JOHN'S CHURCH, WAKEFIELD (August 2010) Grant to contribute to cost of the redevelopment of the building.
IRONBRIDGE, SHROPSHIRE (June 2010) To fund inspirational educational workshops.
THE NOTTINGHAMSHIRE HISTORIC CHURCHES TRUST (NHCT), NOTTINGHAM (June 2010) Grant towards preservation of churches of historical interest in Nottinghamshire.
THEATRE RESOURCE, ESSEX (June 2010) Grant to help refurbish the Victorian school building which provides a unique opportunity to bring together disabled people and other socially, educationally and economically disadvantaged children, young people and adults and the wider community to participate in and experience excellence in the arts and arts-based learning.
CHAPEL BAY FORT & MUSEUEM, PEMBROKESHIRE (June 2010) A grant towards the restoration and conservation of the Fort.
MEADOWSIDE ST PAUL'S, DUNDEE (June 2010) Funds to help with the repair of the church spire.
ALL SAINT'S EAST PENNARD APPEAL, SOMERSET (June 2010) Grant towards the replacement of lead on the south chancel roof and the bell tower.
Helping Young People
SHEFFIELD YOUNG CARERS PROJECT, SHEFFIELD (August 2010) Grant to support respite activities for young people aged 8-21 who have substantial caring responsibilities for someone at home.
THE FAMILY HAVEN, GLOUCESTER (August 2010) Funds to help relieve poverty and distress of families with pre-school children who by virtue of their social and economic circumstances are in need.
THE JENNIFER TRUST FOR SPINAL MUSCULAR ATROPHY, STRATFORD-UPON-AVON (August 2010) Grant to purchase three specialist sensory toy packs for babies with type 1 SMA.
THE LEGACY RAINBOW HOUSE, LANCASHIRE (August 2010) Funds toward the purchase of a Rotastand Solo which allows an assisted transfer from one seated position to another for those children who are not physically able to do so themselves.
ACT, BRISTOL (August 2010) Grant to support the continuation of the work to achieve the best possible quality of life for babies, children and young people who are not expected to reach adulthood.
CROSSROADS CARE SWANSEA NEATH PORT TALBOT, SWANSEA (August 2010) Funds to support the young carers project which provides quality flexible respite care to young people.
DYSLEXIA ACTION, TONBRIDGE (August 2010) Grant to help approximately 100 young people struggling with dyslexia.
C A N D I, CINDERFORD (August 2010) Funds towards the continuation of the CANDI drop-in for young people which provides a safe, warm meeting place off the streets and away from crime.
AMGUEDDFA CYMRU - NATIONAL MUSEUM OF WALES, CARDIFF (August 2010) Funds to support a project which provides primary school children at Key Stage 2 level with the opportunity to adopt, study and record the development of spring bulbs as part of a National Climate Change Study.
1ST CLANFIELD SCOUT GROUP, HAMPSHIRE (August 2010) Grant to restore the activities field adjacent to the newly rebuilt scout headquarters which had been destroyed by arson in 2006.
WEST MIDLANDS QUAKER PEACE EDUCATION PROJECT (WMQPEP), BIRMINGHAM (August 2010) Grant to run a Peacemaker Project in a Birmingham Primary School in Sparkhill with year 6 pupils.
THE KIBWORTH BAND, LEICESTER (August 2010) Funds to support expenses of four tutors.
QUEENSBURY SCOUT BAND THE REVOLUTION SHOW CORPS, BRADFORD (August 2010) Funds towards a series of master classes for the further development of the brass and percussion players.
OFF THE RECORD, HAMPSHIRE (August 2010) Grant for providing a training workshop and creative toolkit for volunteers to develop creative skills to offer non-verbal communication as a way of developing a safe and trusting relationship for children and young people who find it difficult to begin to talk about traumatic experiences.
WHIZZ-KIDZ, LONDON (June 2010) Grant for customized mobility equipment, wheelchair skills training, advice and life skills to give disabled children and young people the freedom and independence to enjoy an active childhood at home, at school and at play.
SUPPORT DOGS, SHEFFIELD (June 2010) Grant to support training dogs to act as efficient and safe assistants for children with epilepsy, autism and physical disabilities.
EAST BRISTOL ADVICE & INFORMATION CENTRES, BRISTOL (June 2010) Supporting "Work Environment Programme" for 16-25 year olds doing NVQ 1, 2 & 3 in Admin/Business Studies.
HARDWICK IN PARTNERSHIP LTD, STOCKTON-ON-TEES (June 2010) To help fund a full-time youth worker who will coordinate the workshops and activities on a socially deprived housing estate.
THE SALT CELLAR, OLDHAM (June 2010) Grant to help provide computers for the Salt Cellar Youth Project.
LLANFYLLIN HIGH SCHOOL , POWYS (June 2010) To support North Powys Music Trust rehearsals.
ACTION FOR KIDS, LONDON (November 2008) Funds to help provide work experience and job-search skills to disabled people, aged 14-26.
HERITAGE PARK HOME SCHOOL ASSOCIATION, SHEFFIELD (June 2010) Grant to help form a fishing club for young pupils from disadvantaged areas.
THE STONEHOUSE GANG, BIRMINGHAM (June 2010) To fund a young person on an outward bound water sports residential in Brixham.
TWINKLE HOUSE, LANCASHIRE (June 2010) Grant towards providing multi-sensory facility and one-to-one intensive support sessions for children with sensory or learning difficulties.
POSITIVE YOUTH FOR THE COMMUNITY, LONDON (June 2010) To help fund a visit from the mobile farm for 200 disadvantaged children aged 3-11 years old during their school holiday.
EUREKA! THE NATIONAL CHILDREN'S MUSEUM, HALIFAX (June 2010) Grant to help in running costs of a "Junk Modelling" programme which encourages families to use their own rubbish to create large sculptures.
RYEDALE SPECIAL FAMILIES, YORKSHIRE (June 2010) Funds towards providing a variety of activities during the school holidays for 5-23 year olds.
ENTERPRISE SAILING TRUST, BIRMINGHAM (June 2010) Grant to help send 72 young people and their leaders on the Tall Ships Trust sailing experience and learning voyages on UK south coast.
INSTITUTE FOR RURAL HEALTH, WALES (June 2010) To fund a project which will engage more effectively local school 6th forms across Powys to raise awareness of the wide range of professional careers in health care open to young people. This will be a one day annual event where the students will have the opportunity to meet medical professionals and try some hands on practical work.
1st ABERDARE ST FAGAN'S SCOUT GROUP, WALES (June 2010) To help with the purchase of new chairs for the newly refurbished scout hall.
TRANSFORM, LONDON (June 2010) Funds towards costs of production and distribution of copies of a film made which highlights some of the challenges confronting young people living in inner cities.
THE SEA CADETS, KENT (June 2010) Funds to help with the costs to build on 2 acres of land acquired next to the river to house classes etc for The Sea Cadets.
MORNING STAR TRUST, KENT (June 2010) Grant to increase access to groups of under-supported individuals.
Care For The Elderly
CORNWALL BLIND ASSOCIATION, CORNWALL (August 2010) Funds to extend the telephone befriending project for isolated, older people with sight loss in Cornwall.
PENIEL CM CHAPEL, LLANDDONA (August 2010) Grant to help with costs of a Singing Festival and Carol Service for elderly members of the community and young children in the village.
WEST NORFOLK BEFRIENDING, NORFOLK (August 2010) Grant to help with fundraising for an annual event for all volunteers and clients.
VISTA, LEICESTER (June 2010) Funds toward a programme of social, leisure and recreational activities for visually impaired older people living in Leicester.
EZRA U'MARPEH, LONDON (June 2010) Grant toward free-loan medical equipment not available under the NHS and respite rooms for patients' relatives
COMMUNITY NETWORK (June 2010) Grant towards linking up isolated and vulnerable people in Wales to Christmas carol concerts.
Green Spaces And Public Parks
NATIONAL WILDFLOWER CENTRE, LIVERPOOL (August 2010) Grant to create a sensory garden area, themed around butterflies providing tactile exhibits and butterfly and moth attracting plants.
PLANTLIFE, WILTSHIRE (June 2010) Funds to support demonstration of sustainable conservation, increasing knowledge, developing policy and advocating for better wild plant conservation.
PARC (ESSEX) (June 2010) Funds to help create a sensory experience garden.
FREE PLAY NETWORK, BARNET, LONDON (June 2010) To help fund a training event on improving shared public spaces in parks and green spaces for use by older children and young people.
THE SUNSHINE CLUB, LONDON (June 2010) Grant towards an eco-active gardening club, using allotments and educating the children about the environment and health.
CHAT (CHOICES ABOUT HEALTH FOR ALL TEENAGERS), NOTTINGHAMSHIRE (June 2010) Grant towards the repair of a poly tunnel for the allotment used in a project where young people grow organic produce, learn how to cook meals using organic produce and donate the remainder to the elderly in their community.
CRISIS, LONDON (June 2010) Funds to support the Skylight Garden Group, a garden project for homeless/vulnerably housed people.
PROGRESSIVE FARMING TRUST LIMITED, BERKSHIRE (June 2010) Funds to facilitate visits to the Organic Research Centre for Primary, Secondary and Colleges and towards creating an educational garden which includes examples of crop rotation techniques with a composting and water conservation area, a biodiversity area etc. and a number of raised vegetable beds for hands on activities.
THE COUNTRYSIDE ALLIANCE FOUNDATION, LONDON (June 2010) Grant towards continuing to educate the public in subjects relating to the countryside and its conservation, protection and enjoyment through initiatives such as Fishing for Schools and Falconry for Schools.
Affordable Housing
Other Community Grants Outside The Trust's Five Core Areas
ST JOHN THE BAPTIST, INSTOW (August 2010) Grant toward extending an underused chapel to provide a water supply, WC, kitchenette and storage in order to provide a dual-purpose centre for community and church.
THE DOROTHY PARKER CENTRE LTD, WEST MIDLANDS (August 2010) Grant to help the community centre which hosts a variety of activities for people of all ages continue to operate.
ROTHERFIELD ST MARTIN, EAST SUSSEX (August 2010) Grant toward the running of exercise classes to be extended to reach people with very poor mobility and in wheel chairs.
THE MALT CROSS TRUST COMPANY (August 2010) To provide a 24 hr safe space within the Malt Cross building for vulnerable people.
QUEEN ALEXANDRA HOSPITAL HOME, WEST SUSSEX (June 2010) Grant to Physiotherapy Care Programme for the rehabilitation of ex-servicemen and women.
THE CENTRE FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE, LONDON (June 2010) Funds to help highlight the work of profoundly differing and unique small voluntary organizations and charities that are providing welfare in the most broken parts of British Society.
LEIGHTON HANDBELL RINGERS, WALES (June 2010) Grant to help pay for work to bring 88 bells up to a good standard of ringing - tuning and repairs.
BRANDWOOD COMMUNITY CENTRE, BIRMINGHAM (June 2010) Grant to help support a heart and stroke group.
THE NATIONAL AUTISTIC SOCIETY, LONDON (June 2010) A grant for the befriending scheme to support parents, families and people on the autistic spectrum.

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